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Tweeters and Friends Pet Shop is your homegrown neighborhood Pet Store, complete with everything your pets could possibly need. We carry a wide range of pet foods and supplies — all of the highest quality. You’ll be amazed at all the great things you’ll find in our store, but not as amazed as your pet will be. Whether its you dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, chickens, mice, fish or bird we have you covered

We are a family owned Pet store and proud to be part of the Manawatu Community since 2014. Being in the country you will find a relaxed atmosphere with country prices,

Look out for our fence which has many of our own pets on here

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Parrot Park

We currently have Birds and Parrots from around the globe showing their unique personalities along with their beautiful colourful plumage.

Many of the Parrots  will greet you with a hearty "hello", chat away when they are feeling inclined, Children and adults can play the identify me game.

Jet the goat doesn't like being missed out, give her a pat, But beware Chicken Little may tell you the sky has fallen. The ninja Turtles can usually be seen resting before lounging in their pool.


Our shop aviaries have a colourful array of Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Canary's, Finches, Diamond Doves, Turquosine's, Splendid's, Bourke's along with a lot of other birds as the seasons roll.
For birds that are in the shop aviaries, check out our Facebook page where we try to keep you updated each week.  Tweeters & Friends Pets & Parrot Park | Facebook or send us a message.

Hand reared Parrots

We are parrot breeders and hand rear parrots during the breeding season. If you are looking at getting a Pet Parrot or into keeping birds we are more than happy to help you take your first steps.  We hand raise from Budgies through to the larger parrots.
Our hand reared bird are given a lot of time with socialisation and play.
Making wonderful pets. Breeding season can be a very busy yet rewarding time for us, often running up and down our hallway playing and  with the birds in the evenings

A birds diet is not just seed, we feed our birds a fully nutritional diet enhancing their behavior and health, Sprouts, Vegetables, Fruit, Pellets, Seed and more. if you would like to learn more on a birds dietary needs,  pop on in here to help where we can.